We offer you a wide range of
state-of-the-art solutions

that will help you assist your guests, from entry
trough receiving the remote control to billing.



intelliGuest is…

Economical, because our solution is comprehensive, operated from a single source, and can include existing systems.

Enhances competitiveness, because it offers unique services and has a significant potential for promotion activities.

Efficient, because it allows you to monitor your expenses, reduce unnecessary costs, and optimise your workforce.

Flexible, because it harmonises the services of your choice, and presents them in the desired layout.

Safe, because a large number of satisfied customers and various awards attest to its quality. View our references

Tried and tested solutions combined with
innovative technology, will allow you to:

Pamper your guests with a wide range of TV, internet and telephone services, offering flexible contents.

Ensure that building automation and climate control operate in a cost-efficient and controlled manner while satisfying all requirements.

Operate an entry system that fits the atmosphere of the whole building, and monitor the system from the reception.

Incorporate unique services into your offer, including integrated CCTV, conference and security technology.

Set up parameters for each room individually, if need be, using Front Office integration.